We are a diverse and inclusive group of practitioners that are interested in building our community and advancing our profession. The best way to reap all the benefits of Chapter membership is to join our Board. In exchange for your time and ideas, you’ll have the opportunity to develop up-close-and-personal relationships with many enthusiastic PR professionals.

Join Us.

Sarah Storelli
Alex Goldsmith
Ellie Javadi
Co-Treasurer & Past President
Suzanne Hawley
Vanessa Bass
David Vossbrink
APR Chair
Andria Stark
Marketing Chair
Romina Varriale
Membership Chair
Jeannie Hornung
Mentorship Chair
Julianne Rowe
Programming Co-Chair
Nicholas E. Adams
Programming Co-Chair
Scott Thornburg
Immediate Past President
Mar Junge
Past President
Jennifer Tang
Mentorship & Diversity Committee
Oriana Branon
Diversity Committee
Evelyn Tam
Mentorship Committee & Co-Treasurer
Karly Tokioka
Mentorship, Diversity & Programming Committee
Jocelyn Arellano
Marketing, Mentorship, Diversity & Chapter Relations Committee
Ryan Donovan
Programming and Mentorship Committee
Sarah Travaglini
Programming & Mentorship Committee
Leo Zou
Programming Committee
Scott Lahde
Diversity Committee
Blake Shaffer
Programming & Mentorship Committee
Jordan Ted Rivera
Mentorship Committee