Creative Services Manager

Creative Services Manager

San Jose, CA

Posted: 03.22.2022

Job title: Creative Services Manager

Company Name: Diocese of San Jose

Location: San Jose, CA

Type of Job: Regular Position

Description: The Creative Services Manager supports the Communications Department with creative design and development, marketing plan implementation, and related administrative tasks to promote parish, school and other ministries and services of the Diocese of San José Chancery Offices. This position provides design for a variety of mediums including fliers, social media, website, e-newsletters, direct mail, brochures, videos, and other communications produced by the Office; and provides support to the implementation of the Department of Schools marketing plan and other marketing-driven projects, and administrative duties of the Office. A successful candidate will help us take the look and feel of the Diocese’s communications assets and collateral to the next level.  For more information and to apply visit,