Head of Public Relations & Social Media – Reinventing VC Company Name: NFX

Head of Public Relations & Social Media – Reinventing VC Company Name: NFX

San Francisco

Posted: 11.18.2020

We are NFX, the largest seed venture fund in the world and one of the fastest growing brands in tech. Our mission is to build the next-gen VC firm.

Before NFX, we started 10 companies that exited for over $10 billion.

Our Partners don’t take salaries. Instead, we have a 30+ person team that builds software and creates content for the Founder community. Everything we do is about giving Founders an edge.

Now we’re looking to expand our PR and social media presence.

But, we’re not looking to hire just anyone…

This is an unusual job that requires a unique background.

We believe in people who are self-driven and ambitious. If you’re the best person in the world for this, you’ll find your way to us.


You are one amazing human being. Charismatic, perceptive, humble, driven, humorous, and confident…by that we mean not just “I can do it” confident, but “It’s ok if I can’t do it” confident. You’re a born communicator. You understand people and the implications of language. You see communication like a game of chess, where each next “move” is influenced by the one before it.

You’ve got a lot of hustle. This is a service job. And it’s a sales job. You’re selling the vision we see for the future in the form of stories. You’ll be working across multiple people and teams in a high pressure environment. Silicon Valley moves fast, and VC is now a highly competitive sport that requires speed, decisiveness, empathy, dexterity, patience, endurance.

You’re highly networked with a track record of success in tech PR & Social Media. You have 5-7 years of experience and the tier 1 media relationships to prove it. You’ve secured a long list of stories in top tech publications. You have a strong network in the Bay Area. You live in social media (especially Twitter & LinkedIn) and understand how to craft messages that get lift.

You’re multilingual – you speak “Startup”, “Tech”, “VC”, and more. You’re already familiar with the lingo. Further, you can pivot on a dime to frame messages in the “language” of your audience.

You’re an insatiable learner. Before you pitch anything, you seek to understand all sides and nuances. Complexity doesn’t intimidate you. It’s likely you wear a “tech nerd” badge with pride.

You want to be in it for the long run and build something that endures. You like being on a team. Collaborating with you is productive and fun. You care more about doing right than being right.

Your orientation is to create value, not capture value. You are passionate about helping founders fulfil their visions and know the only way to succeed in your career is to be instrumental to them during that journey.

We will probably *not* be a good fit for you if:

You prefer as little ambiguity as possible. Concrete direction helps you thrive.

Failing is stressful for you, and makes your work unpleasant.

Meeting aggressive, numbers-based goals makes you nervous.

You like to close your laptop at 5pm and on weekends.
You don’t like to read about tech and startups in your free time.

Autonomy is important to you.

You’re not captivated by how companies are born and grow.

Excited? Great…we’re eager to meet you too! Come to us, oh glorious person.
To apply, please click https://grnh.se/ebab2b7e3us

Send your resume + writing samples including PR pitches, social media posts, etc.

Bonus: Send a 2-3 min video intro telling us why YOU are the best candidate for us.