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Our programming is driven by the needs of our members, which is why we specialize in routine networking events, professional development and access to the top journalists in each industry.

The PRSA International Conference in San Diego will spotlight the intersection of technology and media, and lead the competition by providing unparalleled information, strategies and tools for the new trends impacting the industry — essential to your professional success. This year’s Conference will expand your network with powerful colleague connections and enhance your skill set with the latest best practices. Invest in Your Professional Future The Conference is the perfect way to invest in yourself and your career.

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MEDIA PREDICTS Gala & Awards Ceremony
The must-attend event of the year for anyone with a stake in high tech. Produced by PRSA SV, this exciting pre-holiday annual gala features top tech and business media discussing what was hot or not in '19 and what technologies, companies, trends, and issues will be relevant to in 2020.

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Want to build brand leadership while capturing the attention of journalists and prospective employees? As a sponsor of PRSA-Silicon Valley, you can co-brand custom events you help create, or align with a topic or speaker in an existing program.

Either way, your sponsorship will support world-class discussions about the media industry and public relations, while putting a spotlight on your brand.

We host about 10 events every year regularly drawing more than 600 from our member base and Silicon Valley PR community. We offer many opportunities to network and develop critical business relationships with influential members in a diverse range of industries, companies and expertise.

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