5/29 Event: Frontline Comms & Public Health Lessons w/ UNICEF USA CMO, Shelly Diamond


11:00AM – 12:00PM PT

It takes a master communicator to mobilize comms and coordinate real-time response across 190 countries. Now try doing it during a global pandemic! Join us for this week’s #FridayForum to hear how UNICEF USA  CMO Shelley Diamond accomplishes this Herculean task. Along with controlling misinformation, managing multi-stakeholder engagement, supporting corporate partnerships, building advocacy, and much more.

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UNICEF saves more children’s lives than any other humanitarian organization on the planet. Governments around the world often ask UNICEF USA to serve as the lead coordinating body for multi-stakeholder efforts on the ground. As CMO, Shelley Diamond must ensure that every group can work as efficiently as possible. With her extensive experience marketing global brands and businesses, Shelley is well equipped to champion this global NGO brand in the US and beyond.

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