7/10 Event: Boutique PR Agencies: Insights from Founders & Partners

Did you know boutique agencies are out there making a difference, creative as ever, and are even hiring!? Moderated by Mar Junge, PRSA Board Member and owner of C3PR, hear from founders, partners and principals about how they are doing it all. Making it happen, delivering results and managing through the most challenging business environment in decades.

Discussion Questions:

  1. What are the stories not being told right now due to everything else in the news?
  2. What’s been put on hold because of COVID?
  3. What is happening now that we should all be paying attention to as communicators?
  4. How do you build an inclusive community during a time of Shelter in Place?
  5. How is hiring going?



-Shaun Saunders, Graffiti Creative Group

Graffiti Creative Group was established in 2015 by Shaun Saunders as a dynamic and diversified media creative group.Dynamic and diversified niche creative agency bringing cutting edge perspectives with iconic distinction.Industries that we service: Alcohol & Beer, Mobile, Technology & Startup, Fine Living & Design, Consumer, Lifestyle & Cause Marketing.

-Curtis Sparrar, Bospar

Curtis Sparrer is the principal of Bospar PR. He has represented brands like PayPal, Tetris and the alien hunters of the SETI Institute. He is a member of the Forbes Communications Council and his writings have appeared in Adweek, Forbes, the Dallas Morning News, and PRWeek.

-Alice Chan, Flock Marketing

Alice is an entrepreneur at heart. She’s founded and run businesses and worked inside early and late-stage startups. She started her career in London in the early 90s, and arrived in Silicon Valley just in time for the dotcom boom. She has a passion for marketing and communications and starting fires.

A ‘specialist generalist’, she has a particular interest in working on all things consumer, hardware, software, health and wellness, and supporting entrepreneurs – especially in the SMB arena.

She’s held a number of acting VP of Marketing/CMO roles and is known for quickly figuring out what needs to be done to drive a business forward, and then making it happen.

-Cat Colella Graham, Cheer Partners

As the Founder of Cheer Partners, Cat counsels Fortune 100, private and start-up companies on how to change the way employees experience work. Dedicated to helping others become their best selves, she keeps her ideas flowing with great podcasts and long hikes.

-Mike Moeller, Aircover

Senior strategic communications executive with a successful history of creating and executing the communications strategies for early startups and major corporations. I intuitively understand how to craft, package and deliver an authentic story for any audience over any channel with one goal in mind… shaping perceptions.

During his 20-year career, he’s had a front-row seat for the birth of World Wide Web and the glory days of Microsoft as a technology reporter for BusinessWeek and PC Week. In the years since, helped the likes of Marc Andreessen, HP, Xerox, IBM and now Marketo tell their stories and shape their brand. Along the way, I have had a bit of fun too.

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