Here’s How to Dip Into #FridayForums on Clubhouse
February 16, 2021
By PRSA-SV Executive Board Advisor & Redphlag CEO Gerard “Gerry” Corbett, APR, Fellow PRSA

PRSA Silicon Valley dipped its collective ears, voices and toes into Clubhouse last week when Smart Media Hustle Founder Ramon Ray engaged, entertained and enlightened a global group of some 50 PR professionals. MC’d by Chapter President/HP Global Head of Print Communications Vanessa Yanez and backed up by Executive Board Advisor/Redphlag CEO Gerry Corbett, this #FridayForum’s topics included social media, the future of media, PR careers, networking and venture funding, to name a few.

Founded in 2020, Clubhouse is a voice-based social network app that’s quickly built a reputation as the next great place for people to meet, talk, and share ideas. It lets you create and join “rooms” where you can chat with others in a big conference call. There are no pictures, videos, or text — just audio.

Clubhouse App Facts

  1. Download through the Apple App Store (Android version is in development)
  2. Membership is by invitation only
  3. A “drop-in audio” format facilitates real-time conversations; everyone gets to ask questions, raise issues, seek and give advice
  4. Members are encouraged to create profiles with definable interests
  5. Virtual discussion rooms are based on interests and other factors

How to Succeed at Using Clubhouse

  1. Be a great listener, be honest, open, thoughtful and professional; above all, just “be yourself”
  2. If you want to speak, raise your hand and be prepared to add value to the discussion
  3. When you’re done, return back to the audience

For example, during the 2/12 #FridayForum, a new PR pro asked for advice on how to use Clubhouse to get ahead, career-wise. Attendees suggested:

  1. Follow people who are doing what you want to do and read what they write
  2. Ask questions and engage in dialogue based on your interests 
  3. Most important, find a mentor or even a board of mentors 

Welcoming More Voices

We predict this app is here to stay. Based on the success of our first #FridayForum on the new Clubhouse app, PRSA-SV definitely plans to use this platform again in the future. Let us know what you think.

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