Meet Chuck Byers, APR
March 10, 2020

Chuck Byers, Professor of Practice, Santa Clara University

What’s Up?

I taught brand management at Santa Clara University for many years. Now I’m also teaching marketing for all MBA students and serve on a committee overseeing an online MS in Marketing (using my brand management knowledge as part of that curriculum). I offer a two-credit MBA marketing course to business analytics students affectionately called “marketing for heretics” and teach social media marketing to undergrads. While most of them live and breathe social media, knowing how to tweet and post doesn’t mean they understand paid-earned-shared-owned (PESO) or communications strategy. Plus, I’m developing an undergraduate Brand & Content Marketing course that focuses heavily on earned content and the role of public relations in generating earned, owned and shared content.

Favorite Quote

My own version of the serenity prayer: God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can’t change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to bury the bodies.

Biggest Accomplishment

Personally, it was transitioning from the traditional definition of PR to the more community-based PR practices brought about by digital media. Professionally, it’s teaching these new models of communication.

 Two truths and a lie*

  •  I still have my portable electric Smith-Corona typewriter that I got as a college graduation present
  •  I also still have my first computer, the first IBM Model 5150 with MS DOS
  • I have 18 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren

What do you like best about PR?

Working with a process that moves and modifies behavior.

What’s it like to go through the APR process?

I took my APR in 1979. Back then we had to memorize the 150-word definition of public relations word for word – which I promptly forgot after taking the exam. If you’re thinking about going for your APR, get a mentor to help you study. Honestly, I learned as much from my mentor (and had a lot more fun) than I did studying on my own.

 Best advice for PR pros

Suit up and show up every day. Showing up is 90% of success.

What movie is your life most like and what character do you play?

I’m John Belushi in Animal House

  • I do still have my portable typewriter, but not my first computer. And I have two dozen grandchildren/great grandchildren. I remember all their names, but not their birthdays. Fortunately, Grandma has those written down on her calendar.

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