Meet Member: Michele Rene Scott, APR
December 01, 2019
Michele Rene Scott

What’s your background and what are you doing now?
My roots are in the Midwest (Eastern time zone) but I have a multi-geographical background that includes country, city, beach and the mountains in Michigan, Colorado and northern California. After graduation from university, and fueled by my desire to explore different geographies, I took up a career in PR and media relations starting in Detroit and then transitioning to San Francisco.

I’ve worked in several industries, such as entertainment, technology (B2C and B2B), healthcare, retail, and financial services and payments. And, I’ve worked in corporate, small business and agency environments—all in roles that offered exciting brand stories. Most recently this led me to Finnovant (formerly LMH Blockchain), a new venture with a team that is passionate about the global blockchain revolution and the future of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and biometrics (e.g. think: your voice, fingerprint or facial geometry is your new password!).

Any quotes that you love?

“You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.”  —André Gide

“The best moments usually occur when a person’s body or mind is stretched to its limits in a voluntary effort to accomplish something difficult  and worthwhile.”

—Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi

“[Great creative minds] think like artists but work like accountants.” 

—David Brooks

What’s your biggest accomplishment?

In addition to helping businesses thrive, I’d say that creating impactful and memorable experiences and building great relationships with new and long-time colleagues is a key accomplishment. We tend to focus on professional achievements, which neglects what we bring to the world with our presence, perspective, and nature.

I bring my full attention, creativity, grit, and positive influence to each and every new role I undertake, and I’m grateful for these career opportunities.

Tell us 2 truths & a lie about yourself…

  1. My two dogs teach each other tricks (e.g. toy tossing and high-fives!)(TRUE – see bottom of document)
  2. My favorite color is blue. (FALSE)
  3. I worked on an island with only bicycles for transportation. (TRUE)

What do you like about PR?

PR is all about communication and operationalizing how firms engage with their customers, partners, and the public. I love showcasing companies through multi-faceted storytelling to make brands real and tangible to those we serve. I love the evolving integration between PR, marketing, technology / digital storytelling, and customer service.

What it’s like to go through the APR process?  Any advice for future candidates?
It’s worth it for the sense of accomplishment including:

1. the research-focused work we produce to achieve results aligned with business communications goals

2. the peer-review and presentation process.

What have you learned in this business that you’d give as advice to others?

Be true to yourself in all you do. When you love what you do, it makes the work easier. Strive to create genuine friendships at the office for meaningful interactions over the years.

If your life were a movie, what would it be called?

Once Upon a Time in the Digital West.

And who’d play you in this movie?

Cate Blanchett or Anne Hechte

Two truths and a lie answers:

My two dogs teach each other tricks (e.g. toy tossing and high-fives!). TRUE! My terrier-mix (he’s a savvy rescue-pup from Oklahoma) teaches the boxer the joys of tennis ball tossing and how to earn treats with a quick high-five!

I worked on an island with only bicycles for transportation. TRUE! During summer break while in college, I worked on Mackinac Island, which is located between northern Michigan and southern Canada. The area boasts the sister bridge to the Golden Gate Bridge – the Mackinac Bridge!

My favorite color is blue. LIE! My favorite color is red (with charcoal as runner-up).

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