The 1000 Mentors Program
As a PR mentor, you’ll get back much more than you give.
The Covid-19 pandemic has eliminated jobs across our industry. Now is the time to give back and support the new professionals joining our industry.

What is a Mentor? A mentor listens, coaches and opens doors. Are you an established communication professional motivated to share your wisdom with the next generation of new pros? Our mentorship program gives you the opportunity to build connections that will enrich and fuel your own career.

Let us know when you're ready to connect with a Mentee interested in learning more about your particular experience and industry. A monthly Zoom call with your Mentee is all that's required.

Please click below to fill out our Spring 2022 Mentor Match Survey so we can best match you with your ideal Mentor, Mentee, or Peer Mentor.
Five Reasons to Become a Mentor
  • Give a mentee confidence
  • Expand your industry knowledge
  • Learn something new
  • Good vibes and karma
  • Build your legacy
Mentee Resources